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Follow these simple steps to find out if you’re getting the internet speeds you paid for…


The unstructured roll-out of Australia’s nbnTM infrastructure has left thousands of Australians paying for internet speed and bandwidth that isn’t always available in their area. To further the confusion major telco’s have sold Australians the idea of a super-fast national broadband network whilst all the while connecting people to connections limited to only 12 – 25 Megabytes per second—essentially the same speed as ADSL. And if you want to find out your actual internet bandwidth the process can get very murky. But by following these simple steps you can find out what allocated internet speed you are actually paying for, and make sure you are on the right connection.

Step 1:

Find out what bandwidth you are actually paying for can be tricky. But you can check you internet speed here and see if it matches up to the speed you were sold when you signed up for your plan. However many internet users do know their bandwidth in which case you can call our Australian team for information on how to find out your true bandwidth.

Step 2:

Once you know your allocated bandwidth and your actual speed the next step is simple. If the two are not consistent you should be querying your current internet plan, because you may not be getting the speeds that you are paying for. Alternatively if your internet speed is unusually slow you need to find out what speed is really available in your area.

Step 3:

To find out what internet speed is truly available on your areas nbnTM network call 1300 467 283 and we will run a test through our provider platform to find out what internet speeds are actually available at your premises. So make sure you are on the right plan.

Every Australian deserves to get what they paid for so call us and take the test…